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Tips for Writers

Decide how important writing is to you.

Make a plan, setting aside blocks of time to write, learn about writing, and read in your genre or books on writing.

Keep a journal!!! It's very important as a writer to write what you know and have experienced. Just writing occasional memories will help spark ideas and help you ground your stories w/real emotion.

Take classes or join online writing groups. I can't stress enough how important it is to have the motivation and support of fellow writers!

Write daily! I know, I scoffed at this one when I read again and again in writing manuals to write everyday. But, it really does pay off. Even if you just sit in front of your computer for an hour and jot down ideas. Every little bit counts!

Submit! Submit! Submit! Don't give up! Rejection will come inevitably. Don't lose heart because one or two or five editors feel your story/novel is not for them. If you have it in you to write, you have to be tolerant of rejection.